As stated the sole purpose of the local Union 404 is to serve and represent the
interest of the membership. Our intent is to obtain the best Collective
Bargaining Agreement that is in the best interests of our members, their
families and our Union Employers. The local 404 Business Manager is the
liaison to voice the concerns or issues the members have to the Employer
in turn the manager also voices any concerns or issues the Employer has
to the members. We currently have in place a working agreement through
2013. We take pride in having a good working relationship with our
Contractors and we have never in our history gone on strike.

Our Employers are fair people and believe in sharing the prosperity they
derive with the workers who perform their work. For us that is important
when seeking employment in the plumbing and mechanical industry or
for that matter any job. We have two things to sell, that is our knowledge
of the trade and the physical labor of performing the installations to
complete the projects that are built.

All Union Contractors participate in the benefit plans. That insures
members will retain benefits if they change Employers. There are many
myths about Union membership. Simply, we are a group who have come
together for a common purpose. To improve safety on job sites and to
establish a fair wage and benefit structure for the work we do in the
Plumbing & Mechanical Industry.